Hotlap Sessions

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Free circuit drive

Most of the supercars showcased in the special paddock show will also come alive on the racetrack. Enjoy the roaring engines during the special Hot Lap sessions! If you would also like to participate in the circuit sessions with your own supercar or exclusive vehicle, make sure to register first using the link below. After your car has been approved, you can book your circuit session in the ticket shop.

You will be able to drive your own car for 20 minutes at the online advance sales price of only €40. This is the price when booked online in advance. At the event, the price is €45.

How do I register?

First register your car by means of the preselection form. If it is approved, you will be emailed the approval together with a PDF file. This is the ticket for your car. You can then order a participation ticket from the online ticket shop.
A helmet is NOT compulsory and one passenger aged 14 or over is permitted to take part. The regulations can be downloaded HERE. The disclaimer can be downloaded HERE. The only deviations from the above regulations are that while a helmet is not compulsory, it is still recommended and the minimum age of the passenger is 14, not 16 as stated in the regulations.
Bring your participation ticket, driving licence and the completed and signed disclaimer to the event with you. Once there, you will need to sign in when you arrive.

At the event

It is compulsory to sign in when you arrive. You will then be given a sticker for the relevant session. It is also compulsory to attend a drivers’ briefing session at the event. Be sure to sign in before the briefing for your session starts!

  • Please note: you will only be allowed to participate once your car has been approved by means of the preselection form.
  • The sign-in times at the event will be posted here in good time. The same applies to the times of the compulsory briefing.


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Order tickets

You can buy advance sales admission tickets online. Tickets will also be available at the event. The online advance sales will continue up to and including the day of the event. The sooner you order, the higher the discount.