Supercar Paddock

Register your car for a showcase

Supercar Paddock

Vredestein Supercar Sunday offers the ultimate in supercars on the Supercar Paddock. If you would also like to be present at the paddock with your supercar, make sure to sign up. After your registration has been approved, you will receive your free showcase car ticket as a .pdf file via email.

Entrance tickets for the driver and any co-driver(s) can be ordered from the online ticket shop. If you wish, these can be upgraded to VIP tickets that provide access to the event, all-day catering, the Supercar paddock and the pit lane.



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Tickets bestellen

Op deze website koop je de (voorverkoop) entreetickets, ter plaatse zijn ook voldoende tickets nog te verkrijgen. De online voorverkoop loopt door tot en met de dag van het evenement. Hoe eerder besteld hoe meer korting.